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The Three Little Pigs--The Way My Mom Told It



Real Estate has been my l life. Really, no kidding. My mom was one of two real estate brokers in my small Oklahoma hometown. Like other mothers, my mom told me fairy tales. Looking back, I realize now that my mom was preparing me for my life-long career in real estate with her special twist on those little Golden Books.

Remember "The Three Little Pigs"? I do, but the way my mom told the story might be a little different than the one your mom told you. The story goes, the three little pigs were growing up and it was time for them to leave home and "seek their fortunes". According to my mom, it just made sense that they would start by building homes, because real estate is, after all, the best investment they could make in their future Fortunes.

As the little pigs left home their mother warned them, "Whatever you do, do it your best for that's the way to get along in the world". You know how the story goes from here. The first little pig forgot all about mom's advise because he was in a hurry to build his house so he could run and play with his friends. He used straw to build his house because it was quick and easy and he was off to play.

The second little pig chose sticks (a bit more substantial) for his house. He threw it together and ran off with his brother to dance and sing.

The Hero of my mom's story was the third little pig who wisely remembered his mom's advise. He chose to take his time, make a plan and choose building materials that would stand the test of time. He had to save his money to buy the bricks. It was very hard work lifting and carrying all those heavy bricks. He had to learn new skills; how to stack the bricks and mortar them together to make his walls strong. He had to get his hands dirty and grow some thick calluses, but in the end he had a home and an investment that would be a legacy for his family long into the future.

The "wolf at the door" was a bill collector in Mom's story, but the outcome was the same, the little pig in the well-built house was safe and sound. You know what happened to his brothers when the wolfe huffed and he puffed and blew their houses down. The problem was they had no equity, my mom said, so when they hit hard times, they had no real estate investment to rely on.

The moral of "The Three Little Pigs", as told by my wise mom is, "Real Estate is a Long-Term Investment." Make your first home a wise investment. Take care of it. When you are ready for another house, keep it, you can rent it to one of the little pigs whose house has blown down.


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